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Inspiration and real-life DIY for my newly-purchased first house

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Living Room: Before

When we fell in love with our house during our first tour, my blessed living room looked like the above. Not well-styled and seemingly thrown together for comfort purposes only but we could see the incredible potential.

  • The wallpaper is in fantastic condition and I’ve long been obsessed with golden walls so we knew this would stay.
  • The white molding, fireplace and mantle were gorgeous and with a fresh coat of paint would brighten up the room.
  • The architectural arches of the fireplace were a definite show-off point that the owners had kept hidden by that awful black rectangular cover.
  • The carpet looks practically new (and because I’m pretty sure hardwood floors are expensive?) it’s going to stay for at least the medium term.
  • The room also boasts a gigantic nearly floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the backyard that these crazies super nice people had blocked by a couch, console table and poo brown drapes.

But the winds are a changin’…

We may not have any After photos to post for a while (okay, who am I kidding, hopefully I’ll be done with this room, budget-willing, like, THIS WEEK) but there are plenty of During's to share!

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